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Are You Overthinking Again?

Are you Overthinking Again?

Have you noticed yourself constantly

living “inside your head,” or do you

ever notice yourself replaying an

experience over and over in your head?

Rumination creates negativity and a toxic

mindset which can lead to anxiety and

depression. Often, we do not realize

this overthinking process is occurring;

it is almost as if it were an automatic response.

When we overthink things, we are causing

tons of extra unnecessary stress for ourselves. 

We begin to pick apart our entire day and life,

questioning our every move and motive.  It can

become debilitating to someone who is always

so stuck living in the past and trying to fix something

that really doesn’t even need to be fixed.  Stress is

caused from the nerves and panic we induce onto

ourselves when we begin to overthink our actions. 

I encourage you to foster the lifestyle of living fully

aware in the present moment. Furthermore, as you

notice the here and now, do so without judgment,

see it for what it is with acceptance, and invite yourself

to be kind to yourself.  You can do this by being mindful

of your present life and asking yourself what is occurring

right now?  Consider what you see, hear, smell, and touch

in the present moment with focused awareness. Initially,

this new practice may feel uncomfortable.  You will learn

to separate yourself from the negativity and toxicity of the

negative thought pattern.

Every time you feel yourself drifting off and wondering

what you could, should, or would have done, take a step

back.  Take in a deep breath, and force yourself to avoid

being trapped inside your head.  You have to be mindful

that you can’t change the past.  Try to do an activity to

distract yourself that takes a lot of brain power like reading

a book or doing a puzzle.  You can also try yoga or meditation. 

Keeping yourself active is a great way to stay out of your head. 

Changing your scenery is another great

method to help mindfully stop overthinking. 

If you are around negative energy, move yourself

to positive energy or a positive area.  This can also

play part with mindfully using all your senses. 

Take a deep breath, and use each and every sense

you have to examine the area you are surrounded with. 

Keep your mind busy with the different sounds, patterns,

smells, and energy that is around you.  You can create

your own positive energy too!

We all have our own unique characteristics and flaws.  

If you are mindful of that fact then you will realize

there isn’t a need to question how something could

have been done better.

You don’t want to wake up one day and realize you

missed so many beautiful opportunities all because

you have been living in the past.  Life is enough stressful

already; there is no need to add to it. 

It’s not always easy to get through this yourself.  Let me

help you by teaching you mindfulness techniques that will

help overcome the overthinking.

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