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Using Mindfulness to Improve Problem-Solving

Although anyone can achieve mindfulness, we differ in our ability and willingness or desire to achieve it.  Practice does make perfect, and over time, you can further your self-awareness.  Being mindful involves neutrally acknowledging one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations,…

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Change your habits and change your life.

Changing something in your life can often seem difficult however the best place to start is your routines and habits. Habits we tend to do without thinking about them. This lack of awareness can be feeding triggers and programming that do not help us.  For instance,…

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Practicing Self-Kindness to Cope with Stress

Self-kindness is one of the hardest characteristics to cultivate. Guilt and shame are some of the feelings along with other harsh, judgmental emotions that keep us from achieving a kindness toward ourselves. However, most of us today are suffering from the stress that chaos and uncertainty can…

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Finding Peace Amongst Growing Pains

Personal development results in growth and change, but often it requires us to venture away from our comfort zone. Stepping away from your safety net and into the area of unknown and unfamiliar, we may experience doubt, apprehension, and fears.…

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How Mindfulness Can Clear Your Mental Fog

Are you experiencing mental fog?Are you having trouble concentrating,getting work done, or doing work well? If this sounds like you, then I’m happy tosay there is hope, and you CAN be freefrom the fog! Usually, we want to waitthe brain…

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Use Mindfulness to Live Life to the Fullest

I recognize that, to some, living mindfully may seem to be non-emotional, methodical, clinical and, frankly, not natural. However, it is quite the contrary. If we begin by being present in the moment, we are living and seeing that experience…

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