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Awareness Is Power

Awareness Is Power

Old habits and patterns control the way you deal with your current life experiences. Many times it is unconscious and you don’t give it a second thought until you begin to experience difficulties associated with these rooted, old patterns. 

Although it may be difficult to let go of habits and routines that are very comfortable, living mindfully aware of the fact that some life experiences no longer serve you, is half the battle when making necessary changes. 

I always say: “Awareness is power.” 

I share this gentle reminder to assist you in remembering that just as the seasons change, and the long summer days fade and crisp fall breeze arise, so do we. Nothing stays the same; we are always growing, evolving, and changing. 

Try to rest in the flow of change rather than meet it with resistance. Live in awareness; when you are suffering, you are probably resisting. Trust in the flow, be patient with yourself, and above all, love unconditionally through your self-evolution.

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