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Awareness Of The Present Moment

Awareness of the Present Moment

Awareness and acceptance of the present 
moment are filled with much potential and 
gratitude. When we live noticing what is 
occurring in the here and now, we tune in 
to what is physically our reality at that moment.

Of course, it’s natural to spend moments of 
thought in the past or daydreams of the future, 
however, when we aren’t focused on the present 
standing peacefully rooted in the present moment 
becomes increasingly rare.

It is from this state of consciousness that we can 
experience life much more completely. Harnessing 
the power of the present assists us in creating 
momentum, to move through each moment 
focused and present.

These moments, whether a milestone or blimp 
on the radar, are forever happening before your 
eyes, make an effort to pay attention to them. 
Instead of focusing on the next moment, what can 
you do right now that will allow you to be more present?

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meditation to assist you in gaining the most out of your life.

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