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Befriend Life Experiences For Mindful Acceptance

Befriend Life Experiences for Mindful Acceptance

Today’s Gentle Reminder…
if we want to learn to live
with peace in our hearts and
our outside life reflecting that
peace, we have to befriend the
circumstances and events that
make up our life experiences. 

This means the pleasant,
unpleasant, and neutral. Befriending
is the beginning of acceptance and
a wonderful place to mindfully start. 
We should befriend the various
emotions and thoughts that come
into our awareness—most notably
the ones that don’t feel so good that
we might try to avoid usually. Gently
noting the vulnerability and unease
toward the unknown and approaching
these emotions with curiosity and
nonjudgment allows us to feel and
see the pain for what it is. We gently
befriend the ability to take a bystander

I see it like standing on the sidelines.
It is from here that we can better to
view the entire picture mindfully. It
allows you to still feel and experience
the emotions and thoughts that it
creates and the desired reactions it
elicits, but you’re still able to ride out
the experience without being entangled
in it. Nonjudgement is key. 

By fostering nonjudgement, you can
practice love and compassion for
yourself and then others.

I’m definitely not saying this is easy,
but it sure reduces the suffering in life
and fosters a sense of inner peace &
empowerment. It is always said that
it is a journey, and life is filled with
challenges until the day we take our
last breath.

Encouraging my own inner peace,

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