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Tune into Your Feelings

Ever catch yourself saying to yourself,"Oh, it’s just a feeling."  Guess what?Those pesky emotions are barometers,and the direction in which they point isbased off of your thoughts.  When youignore these feelings, you ignore vitalassistance your inner voice is trying togive…

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Running out of Patience?

This week, we’ve focused heavily on patienceand finding more of it to better your life onall levels.Patience sometimes equates to complacencyin people’s minds, and taking time to slowthings down may mean you’re coming insecond in your mind. The fact is, patience…

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Mindfulness and Patience

Patience is a virtue. We have allheard that growing up and throughoutour adult lives.  Mindfulness is the key to being able totruly harness and practice patience. Developing your mindfulness skills leadsthe way to building patience. When we pathway to our inner patience.…

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