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How Our Minds Affect Our Health

Understanding the mind-body connection is vitally important in sustaining a healthy life. To have a healthy, vibrant body, we must eat and drink certain foods rich in vitamins and minerals. But are we consciously aware of what is needed for…

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Becoming Present to Make Progress

Are you being asked to do too much? Do you find yourself being pulled in multiple directions, putting out one fire after another at home and work? Do you feel caught up in the rat race? Does this feeling leave…

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Mirror Meditation for Self-Compassion

Today’s Mindful Moment: I want you to take a moment to imagine yourself in the mirror. Look at yourself as you would look at a dear friend whom you have known your entire life. Feel the love and respect you…

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The Importance of Doing & Being

In this week's Mindful Moment, I encourage you to ask yourself, did I establish a healthy balance between doing and being this past year? Everyday life can get in the way of our time spent just being. For instance, I…

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Your Breath Reflects You!

Many years ago, I took a class on breathwork; it was so insightful! Your breath reflects you. How you are breathing is how you are living. For instance, if the breath is shallow, you are not tapping into the most…

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Our Perception influences our  Experience

We often allow the world around us to influence and change how we feel in the present moment. A life experience can change how we see ourselves, others, and the world around us within minutes. When life experiences wear you…

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