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Will you cultivate growth with me?

As I greet April, I anticipate with great excitement not only the outer changes of warmer temperatures and the blossoming of flowers, but my own personal inner changes as I emerge from my hibernation and begin inner growth and development.…

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Are you too busy to meditate?

Practicing meditation has been proven to reduce stress, boost immunity, increase happiness, and lower blood pressure. Developing such a practice can help you to listen and focus better, think clearly, and be more aware and therefore grateful of every moment. Even…

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Ever feel like your burden is too heavy?

Inspired by the February 7th DailyOm, at times I find myself feeling laden with life's burdens.  Whether it is worry, fear, stress, or responsibilities, just to name a few, I choose to use the power of my mind to visualize.  I imagine…

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Would you like more peace and abundance?

This time of year I am always filled with mixed emotions. Two of the more distinctive emotions flowing through my body are sadness and optimism. Sadness that one of my favorite holidays has come and gone. Optimism, as I embark…

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Effort Plus Relaxation Equals Results

Read my November 2010 article, “Effort Plus Relaxation Equals Results” on Tanya Stroh Training Solutions Blog.  Tanya Stroh Training Solutions is your online personal training program and fitness club, providing members with dynamic workouts, as unique as the individual who…

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