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Navigating Frustration and Annoyance

 Can you think of someone who immediately elicits an emotion of irritation or annoyance? You think of all the instances to support this feeling, and a sensation is felt in the body by the mere thought or sight of this person.…

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Tune In To The Body To Manage Stress

take a moment with me to center and tune into your body. Gently note how your breath is flowing.  Allow your breath to flow in and out naturally. This mindfully aware exercise holds wisdom for you; if the breath is…

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Being Aware of the Power of Thoughts

Today notice how specific thoughts drain your energy and others uplift. Everything is energy. For instance, ever notice how anger and fear feel heavy and lower in vibrational frequency, and feelings like being ecstatic and filled with joy are a…

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Comfortable with Change

In this week's Mindful Moment, I am inspired by the change of season here in Pennsylvania.  This is such a beautiful time of year to remind us that life is constantly changing and evolving.  For instance, we see it in the change…

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How To Cope With Holiday Stress

How To Deal With Holiday Stress: 5 Tips

Do you get stressed out around the holidays? Some people love them, and some people feel even worse, especially when they have to deal with certain people that increase their stress. Here are five ways to cope with stress this…

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Live with Wonderment

Do you remember when you were a child, and you looked at every experience with wonderment and awe? The smallest of things were fascinating, like seeing a lightning bug in the summer night sky. As time goes by life brings…

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Embrace that Life is Uncertain

Life is always changing and evolving. For instance, we see it in the change of seasons no two plants grow the same from season to season. Nature shows us how to remain open and allow these changes at the same…

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Shine Brightly

A gentle reminder that you bring a special healing light to humanity. Rest in support of the Universe and allow that light to shine. Each Soul is unique and precious in its own way. You may not have conscious awareness…

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