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Can You Foster a Thought Pattern That You Are Enough?

Sometimes we try to conquer or push away feelings that we perceive as bad or overwhelming thinking that is what is best for our self-preservation. However, we can actually heal these deep emotions if we acknowledge with an unconditional love and compassion toward self that this emotion exists and, like all emotions, they are temporary and do not define us.

Emotions come and go, and it is with mindfulness that we can live in awareness when these emotions arise, be truthful with ourselves allowing ourselves to see it for what it is, accept these emotions and the situation, and then respond lovingly to our own needs to process and move them out.

The key is admitting to ourselves that these deep emotions exist. The more you look at these wounds, mindfully holding space, the quicker they will heal. For assistance in processing these deep emotions, listen to this guided meditation. Or if you’re looking for even more assistance, schedule a free consultation!

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