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Being Aware of the Power of Thoughts

Today notice how specific thoughts drain your energy and others uplift. Everything is energy. For instance, ever notice how anger and fear feel heavy and lower in vibrational frequency, and feelings like being ecstatic and filled with joy are a…

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How will you set your intentions in 2012?

The power of our thoughts give way to our intentions and our intentions set into motion actions that line up our experience. What are you thinking about? Where is your focus? Does this focus truly represent your intention? If not,…

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Student in Life

Do you feel like you are constantly a student in life? Life brings us challenges and many times we are quick to recognize the life lesson in that experience. Other times we are enjoying an experience only to find a…

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Embrace the Power Within

Embrace the Power Within! Look inward to implement the change you are searching for outward. Claim the Power that is your Own.Promise Yourself:Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. To talk health, happiness…

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