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Joy, Love and Abundance!

As a new season kicks off this weekend, let this be a time to remind us to savor family and friends and experience each moment with smiles, laughter and overall joy. Radiate appreciation and gratitude at the Soul Level and…

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Fully Present and Grounded

Some days you may feel like you are scattered or being pulled in a million directions. On those days, spend some quiet time grounding or centering yourself. To feel fully present and grounded, close your eyes, breathe and imagine you…

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Loving Life!

Start your day with a full breath, enjoy all that is fresh and rejuvenating. Let go of old patterns that no longer serve you. Break familiar cycles when dealing with difficult influences or situations in your life; by doing so,…

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Are you in a commerical break?

Recently I have felt that I am entering a time in need of a pause, a commercial break or time just to be.  Moving fearlessly forward, achieving set goals or learning an important life lesson needs to be met with…

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Embrace Change!

As you continue your journey of self-discovery cultivating the "friend within", awaken to full consciousness of your true self, your higher self. In this place, a new awareness brings a greater sense of inner calm, clarity begins to emerge and…

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