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What is the nature of your thoughts?

You always have a choice. You can choose to look at all that is wrong in your life or choose to celebrate the smallest of experiences that are right in your life. For some, it’s hard to have any staying…

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What are you thinking in the present moment?

Today’s mindful moment, I want to bring to your awareness how your thoughts and feelings create your perceptions that directly impact the outcome. My one-on-one clients learn right at the start the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza.  In his book Breaking…

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Purposeful Living

Last week I had the honor and privilege to watch women and men take an oath to defend the constitution of the United States of America with unwavering conviction and faith at the commissioning of my son Reid as a…

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How to Foster a Positive Mindset

Today, as I reflected on what to share for a mindful moment, I thought I would lead with some information I use in my coaching practice. Current brain research tells us that we need to hold a positive experience in…

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Are you haunted by past hurts?

Do you find yourself hanging onto the past, reliving old hurts and negative experiences? Those attachments cause suffering and intrude upon your ability to live fully in the present. The moments lived now are co-creating your future life. The next…

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Breathing your way to good health!

I have recently been enjoying a reflective meditation series by Deepak Chopra on the hidden power of the vagus nerve.   Breath is a beautiful connection to stimulate this vitally important nerve. So, this week’s Mindful Moment is bringing awareness…

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Can you cultivate kindness toward yourself today?

Today’s Mindful Moment is all about a positive feeling about Self. Self-love is a broad concept, but today, I mean living without self-judgment,  that behavior of constantly belittling yourself.  Instead, I encourage you to live aware of that critical inner…

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Being Aware of the Power of Thoughts

Today notice how specific thoughts drain your energy and others uplift. Everything is energy. For instance, ever notice how anger and fear feel heavy and lower in vibrational frequency, and feelings like being ecstatic and filled with joy are a…

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How To Cope With Holiday Stress

How To Deal With Holiday Stress: 5 Tips

Do you get stressed out around the holidays? Some people love them, and some people feel even worse, especially when they have to deal with certain people that increase their stress. Here are five ways to cope with stress this…

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