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How To Cope With Holiday Stress

How To Deal With Holiday Stress: 5 Tips

Do you get stressed out around the holidays? Some people love them, and some people feel even worse, especially when they have to deal with certain people that increase their stress. Here are five ways to cope with stress this…

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Mindfulness Helps the Mind and Body

Mindfulness is often looked at as something that's great for the mind (wow, it was aptly named!), but it can also do wonders for your body!When our brains are overloaded with stress or worry, our bodies suffer as well.  Life…

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Trust in the Natural Flow

Today's Gentle Reflection is a reminder to trust in the natural flow and evolution of all things.  As humans, it is natural to fear change and ride a roller coaster of emotions because life circumstances or events represent change.  All…

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Using Mindfulness to Improve Sleep

We have all been there—the long nights tossing and turning while our thoughts race and we just can’t sleep.  Lack of sleep can cause depression, anxiety, and stress which has a huge impact on your daily life. When you lose…

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Empty Nest Syndrome? Try Meditation

As a parent we often lose touchof who we are as an individual. We take on the parent and caretaker role. We lose sight of what makes us happy and who we are outside of just living with our children. When those kids grow upand…

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Using Mindfulness to Improve Problem-Solving

Although anyone can achieve mindfulness, we differ in our ability and willingness or desire to achieve it.  Practice does make perfect, and over time, you can further your self-awareness.  Being mindful involves neutrally acknowledging one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations,…

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Turn Overwhelm into Peace

You wake up, and the thoughts immediately start: What if today is the day when my job is eliminated? You start recalling all the rumors of your company being bought out by a big competitor. How is that going to…

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