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Stress Management And Inner Peace

Finding Mental Relaxation

Have you ever thought about how much mental stimulation we process in a day and how it can affect our mental relaxation? Radio broadcasts, television shows, information shared verbally, words in print, images, and songs all these sources continue to…

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Mindful Reflection

The Power of Mindful Reflection

Recently, as I focused on overcoming inner criticism through mindful reflection, I've noticed that emotions such as guilt and shame, which stem from feeling tough on myself and undermine my self-confidence and self-worth, tend to snowball and consume more bandwidth…

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Transform Negative Thoughts with Reiki

Today's Mindful moment we'll explore how Reiki can help you transform negative thoughts and emotions, and guide you towards healing and embracing them. When negative thoughts arise, it's best to address them rather than suppress them. We have been taught…

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