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Are you haunted by past hurts?

Do you find yourself hanging onto the past, reliving old hurts and negative experiences? Those attachments cause suffering and intrude upon your ability to live fully in the present. The moments lived now are co-creating your future life. The next…

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Breathing your way to good health!

I have recently been enjoying a reflective meditation series by Deepak Chopra on the hidden power of the vagus nerve.   Breath is a beautiful connection to stimulate this vitally important nerve. So, this week’s Mindful Moment is bringing awareness…

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Can you cultivate kindness toward yourself today?

Today’s Mindful Moment is all about a positive feeling about Self. Self-love is a broad concept, but today, I mean living without self-judgment,  that behavior of constantly belittling yourself.  Instead, I encourage you to live aware of that critical inner…

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