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Change Your Habits And Change Your Life.

Change your habits and change your life.

Changing something in your life 
can often seem difficult however 
the best place to start is your routines 
and habits. Habits we tend to do without 
thinking about them. This lack of awareness 
can be feeding triggers and programming 
that do not help us. 

For instance, during the cooler months 
with less daylight, I had gotten in the 
habit of coming home and putting on comfy 
clothes and settling in for the night. I recognize, 
now that it’s summertime and I need to get 
out and move. I have to change the habit I 
created. Instead, when I come home, I will put 
on workout clothes and walking shoes and go 
for a walk. Creating a routine of walking every 
day will eventually lead to a healthy habit. 

Healthy habits can start off small and increase 
with consistency and routine. A couple of 
examples are taking the stairs when available, 
drink one extra glass of water a day, and making 
posture a habit by focusing on it for 10 
minutes while sitting. 

Is there something in your life you want to change? 
View your life with a mindful awareness 
free of judgment, take note and then take action! 
We have all heard change your habits, 
and you can change your life. Let’s do it together! 

Click here to hear a guided exercise to help 
you illuminate your path to a life change.

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