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Choose How You Feel In This Present Moment

Choose How You Feel in This Present Moment

Today’s Gentle Reflection is a simple reminder
that you have a choice. You have a choice of
how you want to feel in the present moment. 
One wonderful tool I learned years ago in a
mindful class was called S.T.O.P. 

I use it when I recognize my stress responses
showing up. I just take a quick time-out and
tune in to my body and mind and what is
occurring in the present moment. It is in that
moment when I can choose to change my
perspective of my life experience. It’s my
choice and awareness helps me recognize it. 
That’s when I implement the S.T.O.P technique.

Step 1 – STOP – Tune in and encourage yourself to
relax into the present moment. Yes, you do have
time- take it!

Step 2 – TAKE A BREATH – I like to take a couple
of deep inhale and exhales with a pause after each. 
Really pay attention to the flow and sensation of
the breath. 

Step 3 – OBSERVE – What am I feeling in my body
right now? What emotions are influencing my
thoughts right now? And what are those thoughts? 
Remember to observe with open curiosity—no judgment.

Step 4 – PROCEED – What is most important right now,
and where does my attention need to be in the present

Whatever you identify, respond to your needs with a
fresh perspective and focused intention. Remember…
you have a choice.

Aware of my choices,

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