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Choosing a State of Innocence for Self

Sometimes in life, we need to make an active choice to see our own innocence. What I mean by choosing to see our innocence is that we often choose a mindset of self-blame and lack of forgiveness for perceived past mistakes.

By doing this, we sabotage the present and keep ourselves from experiencing inner peace. It is essential that we let go of guilt and other toxic mindsets from our emotions, mind, and body. By accepting things as they are and lovingly and compassionately accepting ourselves as who we are we understand that we are doing the best we can.

Such mindful awareness helps us to live a life of inner peace and allows us to play an active role in creating the life experience we choose.

Now, that feels so much better…

Listen to this brief guided exercise to assist in making the active choice to accept yourself:

Learning to play an active role,

Nancy Gentle Boudrie

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