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Coping with Holiday Stress

holiday stress

As we approach a festive celebratory time, we all know that it can also be a time of a host of not-so-pleasant emotions, such a anxiousness, trepidation, and loneliness, just to name a few.  That’s why adapting a mindful approach to everyday living can help reduce how we process these mindfulness.

Even though this time of year is full of fun and festivities, it’s also a time when we have to deal with situations that create anxiety and stress.  I have found it is helpful to advise clients to set a positive intention for self using your mindful skills.

For instance, if you know that a particular experience will create a great deal of stress for you, set the intention to greet that experience with fresh eyes, and choose to greet it with no preconceived ideals, but allow that moment to stand on its own. Invite yourself to choose to infuse that experience with peace, harmony, and gratitude, and invite the same into  your mindset. Setting that intention ahead of yourself encourages you to change the lens by which you see.

You cannot change others, but you can change how you respond. For example, you know your Uncle Bob is going to give you his opinion on your life and how he thinks things should be, invoking a sense of anger within you.  This time, choose to accept Uncle Bob as he is; this is always as he shows up. You don’t have to like what he is saying or even what he stands for, but you are choosing to make the best in that moment and see it just as it is. Allow yourself and others to have their opinions, celebrating diversity. You can even celebrate your open-mindedness and ability to flow with the situation silently to yourself in your mind. Remember that minimizing the resistance in the present moment reduces the suffering experienced. You hold the power to change your perception and your actions, and thus, change the dynamics.

Try it. I think it will really help!

Finding peace within myself this holiday season,

Nancy Gentle Boudrie

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