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Cultivating Joy in Your Life

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1. Are you being your authentic self right now?
2. Finding Inner Peace: Embracing Self-Awareness & R.E.S.T.
3. Trust and Feeling Supported
4. Cultivating Joy in Your Life
5. Celebrate YOU!
6. Tune Into the Breath
7. Pathway to Inner Peace- Featuring the 4R Method
8. Join me in tuning into the body to manage stress

What is Joy to you, Nancy?

My husband and I talked about this over our nighttime tea last night. I said, “Joy to me is the taste and smell of a fresh warm cup of coffee or this tea (but truth be told, coffee is one of my guilty pleasures); Joy is also my comfy reclining chair wrapped in a cozy, soft throw blanket and a good book. Joy is a walk on the trails around my house and delicious home-cooked food. 

Joy to me is all the little things in my daily life that happen in the present moment. Joy is something I cultivate within.

We often say, “I’ll be happy when I shed this 10 or 20 lbs.”  “I’ll be happy when I achieve that next promotion or new house.”  “I’ll be able to enjoy my life once my son/daughter or mom/dad are squared away. It’s like our happiness is put on hold until some external circumstance out of our control is achieved. Or in the case of weight loss, we have control of what we do but don’t recognize the mental and emotional pieces are vitally essential for the success of weight loss.

When we practice feeling joy filled, we see life experiences from a different perspective. We encourage hope, optimism, and positivity. That perceptive assists us instead of hinders us. The challenge lies in being aware of our emotions and our thoughts.

This week I encourage you to cultivate present-moment joy. Ask yourself “How can you enable a sense of joy regardless of external circumstances?”

If you are ready to deep dive into your habitual unconscious negative thoughts, reach out. My 4R program is transformational. You will see a difference in as little as 2 sessions and experience a total shift in 7!

In addition, I am excited to announce that I am offering a bonus gift with each coaching package!!! I have partnered with In Harmony Wellspring Wellness to provide a free three-class yoga package (in person or virtual) as a thank you for making the commitment to your wellness!  If you decide you want to continue, a discount is also applied to your yoga membership going forward while participating in my coaching program!  

Hear what Cara had to say about my coaching program:

“I cannot say enough positive things about Nancy and how monumental her program has been for me! I came to Nancy to better understand how to change my mindset to creating a more positive outlook on life and the ability to live fully in the present. My journey with Nancy has helped me to understand how to be true to myself, manage thought patterns and how to live life to the fullest even through adversity. Making the decision to reach out to Nancy and follow through with her program has been one the best decisions I have ever made for myself. Her mentorship, guidance and compassion have allowed me to see the world in a different light. I look forward to continuing to work with her and highly recommend her to individuals who want to better themselves and their lives by creating positive change in the world :)” – Cara

Here’s to cultivating Joy this week!


Nancy Gentle Boudrie, Owner and Founder of Awaken With Light, Inc. is a Self-Development Specialist, Inner Peace Expert, Radio Podcaster, Usui Reiki master and teacher, Certified Angel Intuitive®, Integrated Energy Therapy® Advanced Practitioner, as well as a certified meditation instructor and practitioner.

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