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Do You Feel a Constant Sense of Urgency?

Lately, my clients have expressed that they are experiencing an inner sense of urgency. 

This sense of anxiousness has left some with a feeling of “hurry up and wait.” We need not feel swept up into this emotional mindset. 

Be receptive, and allow yourself the opportunity for change to occur. Be an active participant by exploring with expansive awareness. Greet and notice the world around you as it shifts, changes, and evolves. 

Find peace, and remind yourself that you need to only live in this moment in time, and live it fully present and ready to take action. Allow the natural flow to occur as you move forward one step at a time. These steps may come in all shapes and sizes and will take different increments of time for each person. 

Trust that you will know what to do and when and how to do it, as you are an active participant in your own evolution. There is no need to hurry up and then wait; allow the current flow to shift and move you along at a steady, continuous pace that is right for you, progressing in full consciousness in the direction of your dreams while taking it all in one moment at a time.

Choosing to live fully aware of the present and stay in the flow,

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