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Do you find it difficult at times to express yourself?

Do you find it difficult sometimes to express yourself for fear it will be taken incorrectly or hurt someone?

All too often, we refrain from speaking our true feelings because of fear. However, by not expressing our true feelings, we do more harm than good. For instance, we create such emotions as resentment and anger that end up being released in other ways, either passively or aggressively.

Learning to understand, process, and honor our feelings as well as express them, always with love and compassion for ourselves and all involved, leads to greater awareness of self. This awareness creates more peace and overall happiness and contentment in life.

I encourage you this week to take the position of unbiased, attentive witness to your experiences as they happen. Live self-aware of how you engage in present moment experiences. Notice if you are not being true to yourself, and then, with love and compassion and using the wiser parts of your brain, ask yourself how I can shift to be in my truth more fully.

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Nancy Gentle Boudrie

Nancy Gentle Boudrie, Owner and Founder of Awaken With Light, Inc. is a Self-Development Specialist, Inner Peace Expert, Radio Podcaster, Usui Reiki master and teacher, Certified Angel Intuitive®, Integrated Energy Therapy® Advanced Practitioner, as well as a certified meditation instructor and practitioner.

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