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Don’t Lose Sight Of The Good In Life

Don’t Lose Sight of the Good in Life

Ever get so swept up in what’s wrong in
your life that you lose sight of the aspects
that are good?

Granted, sometimes those gratitude
moments may be small in comparison
to the challenges, but none the less,
if we wish to get out or stay out of a
negative mindset, we have to open our
eyes to happiness in your life. We are
all naturally wired to be negative, so we
have to actively CHOOSE to see or
experience moments of bliss in order
to shift our mindset. 

Try not to make your happiness contingent
upon future events.  You can choose
bliss in this present moment.  For instance,
this moment as you read this message.  Focus
on the blessings in your life right here, right

Hold that thought for just a minute. Let it lodge into your thoughts and influence your emotion.  Allow yourself to Feel the difference.  Ahhhhh….

Want to do it together? Check out my video here.

Sharing a moment of peaceful bliss with you,

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