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Even “negative” Emotions Are Actually Good For Us… Here’s Why

Even “negative” emotions are actually good for us… here’s why

We sometimes feel as if there is no good to come 
from being sad, annoyed or angered. Occasionally 
you may find yourself lurching in your negative 
emotions and choosing not to look for a benefit. 
The truth is that even negative emotions are good for us. 
Allowing yourself the ability to feel that emotion, 
understand the message it is providing you, and use 
the emotion as a tool to see positivity is key. 

It’s normal for us to want to move away from 
emotions that make us feel bad. However, negative 
emotions are an incredibly normal, healthy and helpful 
part of life. How we choose to accept them and listen 
to the message they provide are up to us. 

Accepting negative emotions, in ourselves and others, 
are all a part of being human, and allows us to build 
better compassion for how the emotion may present itself. 
Rather than becoming stuck in a mindset that negative 
emotions need to be avoided or that they are somehow 
‘wrong’ to experience, we need to accept they 
are a natural part of who we are. 

Once we do that we can really begin to change how 
we respond to the negative emotion and develop 
behaviors that are meaningful and bring value to 
how we express ourselves and engage with others.

For more information on how to use a negative emotion
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