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Find Peace: Be the Master of Your Choices

This holiday season, I have set the intention to own more peace in my life so I may emanate more peace out into the world.

One of my favorite hymns, “Let There Be Peace on Earth,” reminds me to choose peace so that I may see peace and open my heart to receive it. Sometimes this simple mindset feels incredibly foreign and hard to obtain. It is in those moments we use our mindful skills to try to create it inwardly for ourselves.

This awareness requires love and compassion and may require you to look at strong negative emotions that you are carrying like guilt and shame, as well as judgment, negative beliefs, and programming.

Remember to have patience as you work through these deep emotions, but it’s also important to recognize that you are not a victim to these emotions or to the experiences you’ve had. Harness the power of mindful awareness and mindful living in order to be the master of your choices.

Let what we wish to experience be what we are and what we give to others so that we may experience what we desire.

Choosing Peace in my heart this Holiday season,

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