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Fostering a Mindful Response to Life Experiences

Today’s Gentle Reflection is about fostering a mindful response to life experiences.

All too often, we have life moments that trigger deep emotional attachment. It is those triggers that we can quickly step back from if we use our mindful awareness properly. Mindful awareness allows us to remove ourselves from the emotional attachment of a situation and respond with more mindful thought rather than a knee-jerk reaction.

This can be very hard, even for the most seasoned mindful person. We are human, and with that, comes deep emotions. These emotions are what makes us feel alive. The key is to notice what your triggers are, recognize them, and take full responsibility for them.

Remember not to judge yourself but to respond to yourself. How can you recognize, let go of, and/or avoid being triggered? See the situation from from a bird’s eye view with clarity, and then respond. Below is a meditation to cultivate detachment. If you need help applying this technique to be able to foster a mindful response to life experiences, schedule your free strategy session here!

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