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How Meditation Can Help Resolve Issues During Pregnancy

How Meditation Can Help Resolve Issues during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful experiences
we have in our lifetime, but it also can be very scary
and stressful. Your body goes through many changes,
and you’re now responsible for a little life inside of you! 
As a mom, you want to ensure a happy healthy pregnancy
and delivery, and meditation can help you do that. Mindfulness
brings with it many benefits during pregnancy, Being
mindful of all the benefits that come from mediation during
your pregnancy can help labor and delivery of a healthy newborn.

Mediating regularly can help reduce a woman’s stress levels. 
Mothers who have high levels of stress during pregnancy are more
likely to deliver a baby at pre-term or low birth weights (plus, that
makes for a long 9 months).

Meditation helps you to be mindful of healthier choices
and focus more on positivity to avoid those problem-causing
thoughts and actions for your baby. When you’re pregnant, the
lifestyle changes required (quitting cigarettes, junk food, alcohol,
and caffeine) can be stressful, PLUS the physical changes you’re
experiencing and all that what-ifs. Meditation makes it easier
to be mindful and keep up with those healthier choices, and it
helps take your mind off of everything you’re giving up and
remembering everything you’re GAINING.

Many women are also more likely to suffer from depression while
pregnant—with all of the hormone changes, one can understand why. 
A 2012 study from the University of Michigan demonstrates that
meditation can help reduce symptoms in women at high-risk of
depression, thus alleviating the stress associated with the disease
and boosting feelings of connectedness moms have with their babies.
There are many other ways and techniques that meditation can help
during pregnancy and labor, including easing labor stress and pain and
making you AND your baby healthier.

Didn’t know that my mindfulness practices could help with your
Pregnancy and labor? Schedule a free consultation today so we
can get you feeling better and more stress-free.

Remember, being mindful during such an important time of
yours and your baby’s life can lead to a healthier baby and a
happier mom.

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