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How Mindfulness Can Bring Balance To Your Relationship

How Mindfulness Can Bring Balance to Your Relationship

Mindfulness doesn’t only enhance your individual well-being.  Studies have shown that it can also have a positive impact on your relationships.  Relationships don’t have to primarily focus on a couple; it can be a relationship with your family, friends, and even coworkers.  I want to help bring you happiness and balance to all parts of your life to ensure every aspect of your daily life is nothing but positive.

My practice helps you become more present and attentive in every aspect of your life.  Being more aware and present is crucial to a successful relationship.  Your loved ones need to know you are truly there and listening to them and understanding their needs.  Once I help you attain the power to become present, you can use those skills in your everyday relationships.

Mindfulness helps lower negative emotional reactivity.  When we are having a disagreement with someone, especially a loved one, our brains have a small area called the amygdala which triggers us into flight, fight, or freeze mode.  When that part of the brain sees someone as a threat, we tend to use angry and harsh words and pour out negative emotions.  With my help, we can use mindfulness to shrink the volume of the amygdala, giving it less power to hijack our emotions and bring us into “threat” mode.  Let me help you get out of a destructive cycle of negative emotions that lead to negative actions.

Another wonderful advantage to my lessons comes from practicing self-awareness.  Mindfulness helps you see yourself from a healthier standpoint, allowing you to realize when you are acting out or portraying negative emotions.  When you are able to realize these signs, you can put a stop to the actions and use the techniques I teach to convert the situation into something positive and result in a healthy outcome.

Relationships of all kinds are extremely important to our well-being and overall happiness in life.  With my help, you’ll be able to work toward not only repairing current relationships, but also help to develop new healthy ones!

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