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How Mindfulness Helps With Chronic Pain

How Mindfulness Helps With Chronic Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain, allow me to show you how we can help ease it and do it naturally without all of those chemicals and prescriptions.  More than 100-million adults suffer with chronic pain in the U.S.  Aside from being debilitating, it can affect your home and work life and can even cause depression.  Mindfulness not only helps ease pain symptoms, but in my 90-day wellness program, I can also teach how to use it to cope with the pain affects.

Acute pain sends a signal to your brain that something is wrong, allowing you to fix the underlying cause and stop the pain signal; however, chronic pain is constant causing emotional and mental tension.  My lessons and guidance can teach you how to cope with the pain and especially the depression that often comes with it.  Mindfulness can help you overcome your depression and start seeing the beauty in life again, to really live in the moment—every moment.

To reduce chronic pain, you must first break the pain down into parts.  First, we look at the physical sensation of pain.  I can teach you to use mindfulness to recognize that specific sensation.  Knowing and understanding that individual sensation helps just in itself.  Just becoming aware puts your mind at ease.

Secondly, I can teach you to become aware of the emotions surrounding the pain and its sensation.  Once you become aware of the emotion with that pain, whether it’s anger, sadness, frustration, etc., my program can help you to change that emotion.  When you recognize that you are feeling angry or sad from that pain, you can meditate and turn the negative into positive.

Finally I will show you to become aware of the meaning behind those emotions you discovered.  A lot of times with chronic pain, we tend to stay stuck in the past and what the past felt like to us.  For example, the last time you had a migraine, it was so awful you couldn’t get out of bed, and as the new migraine forms, you continue to think of the last time and how awful it was.  With my mindfulness program, I will help you attach your emotions to the present moment and stay in the present moment.  Be aware of the present situation and what this time feels like and only this present moment.

Don’t try to muddle through chronic pain alone.  Click here to get started, and let’s fix this together getting you back the quality of life you deserve and long for.

Nancy Gentle Boudrie
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