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How to Accept Whatever is in the Present Moment

Greeting the present moment with acceptance can be tough. Making an effort to do this, however, helps you minimize the suffering. What I mean is that life is filled with challenges, but resistance to those challenges is optional. That resistance is what creates the suffering.

So, the next time you are greeted by a painful or challenging situation, step back and see the situation for what it is in that moment. Let go of the ideas about how things should be or how you wish they were, and instead, choose to accept what is. You may not like it or think that you are going along or giving up; it just means you see it for what it is and will act mindfully responsive.

It is from the space of acceptance that you can effectively choose to move forward out of the pain not creating additional suffering.

Listen to this brief guided exercise to help you scan your body to bring awareness to what you are feeling:

Choosing Mindful Acceptance,

Nancy Gentle Boudrie

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