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How To Choose A Fresh Perspective & Live A More Mindful Life

Let’s focus on the present moment and appreciate the beauty and opportunities in our lives rather than dwelling on what we lack and other negative thoughts.

Each morning, we have an opportunity to have a clear canvas by which to create experiences. We can choose a fresh perspective or bring what worries us into our day.

Sure, we have things on our minds that need to be accomplished, but how are you thinking of those things?

You always have a choice. You can choose to image solutions and resolutions instead of focusing on the negative.

As you go about your day, notice how you look at the here and now.

Is it seeing that moment’s beauty, opportunity, and infinite potential? How you view the situation undoubtedly influences the experience and the outcome.

Please don’t fall victim to mindless experiences. Choose to be the creator of your life experiences!

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Nancy Gentle Boudrie, Owner and Founder of Awaken With Light, Inc. is a Self-Development Specialist, Inner Peace Expert, Radio Podcaster, Usui Reiki master and teacher, Certified Angel Intuitive®, Integrated Energy Therapy® Advanced Practitioner, as well as a certified meditation instructor and practitioner.

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