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Learn to Ride the Waves

Do you ever feel like you are swept up in life circumstances?

Like you’re being carried away on a current, sometimes riding it, and other times overtaken by it and dragged under?

When this is happening to me, I make sure to lovingly remind myself that my anxiety and worrisome thoughts and fears are creating the resistance that I’m feeling. I actively tell myself that if I release this resistance, I can float atop the water and ride the rise and fall of the waves.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a high or low point in our lives–no matter how tempting it is to fight the size of the wave or the direction of the current, we can recognize we are not getting anywhere until we flow with it and allow the wave to carry us naturally with minimal effort.

Remember, it takes far more energy to resist or fight life circumstances rather than live in a way that you’re mindfully aware of when you need to ride the waves as they come.

Listen below for a guided meditation to get out from under the water and ride the waves.

Hanging Ten,

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