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Let Go Of Fear When Feeling Challenged

Let Go of Fear When Feeling Challenged

When we embrace life challenges that appear to limit our goals, we give ourselves permission to take one step closer to our dreams and leading a life of our choosing. Questions to think about and ask yourself:

  • What am I afraid to face?
  • What about the challenge is causing me to feel apprehensive?
  • What story am I telling myself to not deal with the challenge, and how does that story make me feel?

Remember, you are the co-author, you and Source, of your emotions, thoughts, and actions. It’s your choice how you handle challenges.

Take a moment, connect, breathe and be still and choose. Choose to face that challenge or face that deep, painful emotion. In doing so, you are one step closer to moving through the fear or pain.

Face, Embrace and Replace

Listen to this week’s Gentle Reflections to help find the answers to all of the above questions and to take a moment to really connect:


Moving Faithfully Forward in the Light of God,

Nancy Gentle Boudrie

By Nancy Gentle Boudrie, owner and founder of Awaken With Light, Inc., Talk Show Radio Host, Wellness Coach, Usui Reiki master and teacher, Angel Intuitive Practitioner®, IET Advanced Practitioner®, as well as a certified meditation instructor and practitioner. You may find her at, and . Listen to other YouTube meditations and mindful exercises by Nancy – YouTube Meditations.

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