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Look Forward, But Enjoy the NOW

With the New Year upon us, it’s common to really start thinking about looking forward, setting goals, and making changes.

Sometimes, we look ahead to new chapters like a new job, new marriage, or new goals we set at the start of the New Year (a new body or a new accomplishment) and find ourselves becoming so wrapped up in future thoughts that we forget to be at peace and content in the here and now.

Make a note to mindfully notice when you are feeling thoughts surrounded by: “I’ll be happy when…” or “I just have to wait for…” Choose to replace those thoughts with what you are grateful for the present moment or about what is working well in your life. By choosing to be grateful for the present moment, you take control of your thoughts, and you will experience a greater sense of joy and empowerment.

Savoring the right here, right now while slaying my new goals in the New Year,

Nancy Gentle Boudrie
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