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Mindful Moment — Make Peace With Your Present Moment

In this week’s Mindful Moment, I encourage you to focus mentally on what you want to experience in life.

Even amidst challenges, you can make the conscious choice to be at peace.

Let’s say someone asks, “How are you doing?”

You can reply with the standard “I’m fine.” Even if you are struggling or not feeling great. Another response could be to go the less dynamic route and say something like, “I’m hanging in there.”

But, what if, when presented with a question of how we’re doing, instead of feeling like we need to lie or even lead them down a path of knowing that things aren’t so good, we tell them how we’re CHOOSING to be?

Answering with something along the lines of “I’m choosing peace in the present moment,” gently reminds yourself that you hold the power to choose how you want to greet the present moment, and at that moment, you’re choosing peace.

It is from this calm space that we can choose to be connected to our source, be better able to remain clear in thought and detached from the emotional drama that may cloud decisions, and be confident in trusting that such actions create a sense of peace, even amid challenges or chaos.

In close, I encourage you to take a moment periodically through your day and ask yourself, “What do I choose to experience in this present moment?

Mindfully yours, Nancy

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