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Manifest Love Through Mindfulness

February is the month of love.  Self-love, romantic love, and love for friends and family.  I talked about self-love last week, but this week, let’s manifest love from others.

It’s entirely possible to manifest love—whether it’s romantic or friendly love.  When we put love out into the world, we tend to get it back ten-fold.

By increasing mindfulness, we can start to improve our self-awareness.  As we become more aware of our strengths, weaknesses, loves, and desires, we are better able to manage ourselves, take responsibility for our actions, and better strive to be the best version of ourselves.  Without this self-awareness, we tend to get stuck in our ways, which are often unhappiness or complaining.  When we aren’t the best version of ourselves, we don’t project positivity and confidence to others.  When we DO project this positivity, however, people are drawn to us, wanting to be a part of that happiness and contribute further to it.

By learning to be mindful, you are better able to bring calm, clarity, and focus to the present moment reality, even if the situation is stress-filled.  Mindful individuals do this by stepping back and observing automatic responses, knee jerk reactions, and the impact choices will have on others, and instead, make better informed choices and smarter decisions.  This helps us have happier lives, healthier relationships, and more peaceful interactions with everyone.

Helping individuals to connect to the power of self-awareness and presenting their true authentic self encourages open and honest relationships, as well as a more positive way of thinking and living. It is through the understanding of self that you are better able to understand others.

Manifesting love,

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