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Are you being your authentic self right now?

Sometimes the most arduous task we may have is to stand in our truth, being who we are, not what others want us to be. The question is, are you aware of your authentic self? Often, we are conditioned to be a…

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Trust and Feeling Supported

One of the most challenging skills of mindful living is learning to trust yourself and the guidance your intuition offers. Your true Self is never changing and will lead you to your best and highest good. By cultivating awareness within…

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Cultivating Joy in Your Life

What is Joy to you, Nancy? My husband and I talked about this over our nighttime tea last night. I said, "Joy to me is the taste and smell of a fresh warm cup of coffee or this tea (but truth…

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Celebrate YOU!

When is the last time, or ever, you celebrated your authentic success? What do I mean by authentic success?  I love Sarah Ban Breathnach’s definition in her Simple Abundance Book, “Authentic success is feeling good about who you are, appreciating…

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Tune Into the Breath

Today's mindful moment is a reminder to tune into our breath. Today's mindful moment is a reminder to tune into our breath.     Research tells us the importance of practicing various breathing techniques for optimum health.But today, I want…

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Join me in tuning into the body to manage stress

Today's Mindful Moment is taking a moment to center and tune into your body. Gently note how your breath is flowing.  Allow your breath to flow in and out naturally. This mindfully aware exercise holds wisdom for you; if the…

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