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Practicing Self-Kindness To Cope With Stress

Practicing Self-Kindness to Cope with Stress

Self-kindness is one of the hardest 
characteristics to cultivate. Guilt and 
shame are some of the feelings along 
with other harsh, judgmental emotions 
that keep us from achieving a kindness 
toward ourselves. However, most of us 
today are suffering from the stress that 
chaos and uncertainty can bring, learning 
to use self-kindness will help reduce this 

How do we release this harsh criticism of 
self and allow the lightness of a generous, 
considerate mindset into our hearts and minds? 

Start by choosing to live here and now, 
not in the past, and fill the present moments 
with how you wish to feel and live life. Next, 
provide yourself the patience, acceptance, 
generate feelings of care and comfort toward 
oneself. Lovingly and compassionately 
release yourself from the bondage of lower 
emotions toward self and step into love and 
kindness for yourself in the present moment. 

Click here for a guided reflective exercise to assist 
in cultivating love and compassion for yourself.

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