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Welcome Inner Balance
Welcome Inner Balance with Nancy Gentle Boudrie
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If you do not wish to order the CD online, please call Nancy at 484-876-1048 to process your offline order and shipping arrangements.

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If you want to reduce stress, increase confidence and welcome inner peace, join Nancy on a 60 minute visually guided meditation to bring the vital life force energy that runs in and around the body into balance. By integrating this sense of inner balance, listeners begin to experience a more natural state of well being in mind, body and spirit. Relax and release with Nancy’s calming and affirming voice and sink into soothing, healing music by Shirley Cason. $15/CD
Praise for Welcome Inner Balance:

“Nancy’s guided meditation CD is simply incredible! No matter how many times I listen, it has a powerful impact. Everything about it is perfect – her voice, the music and the complete radiant way it makes you feel as you clear the barriers blocking your flow of energy. The connection she helps create to your higher self and source energy are beyond compare. I have never had such a moving, spiritual and blissful experience from a guided meditation.” Nancy Lyn Cotter, Personal Credit Coach

“Amidst the details of running a business, being a wife, mother, friend, daughter, sometimes I lose my connection with myself…my Higher Self. This meditation from Nancy Gentle Boudrie is exactly what I needed to help me carve out time for myself that leaves me feeling centered, connected, grateful, energized and ready for whatever lies ahead.” Christine Kloser Bestselling Author, The Freedom Formula

“Nancy has an amazing gift of being able to use visualization, the sound of voice and enlightened energy to help participants get to a state of peace and tranquility faster than any other practitioner I have experienced. Her guided meditations leave you feeling empowered, light and with a sense of peace that permeates your whole being. She is truly a gift to the world of new consciousness.” Chris Sopa, Inspirational Speaker/Author/Executive Coach

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