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Guided Meditation Recordings with Nancy

Choose any 3 recordings from the list below and when you check out use Promo code:  THREE to receive a discount.

Choose to Thrive in Life

Choose to Thrive in Life:  Are you barely keeping yourself afloat? Would you like to feel more buoyant and able to grow an energized feeling of flourishing rather than just getting by in life? In this recording, we will apply mindful principles with guided meditation to develop a sense of buoyancy and resilience. Length 45:40 minutes. BUY NOW

Seeds of Patience

Cultivate the Seeds of Patience:  We will explore how to cultivate a practice of patience and trust in the divine timing of all things. Are you flowing or forcing life in the present? Learn how to claim a sense of peaceful patience and allow all to unfold in the right time and space. Length 46:19 minutes. BUY NOW

Learn to Live Every Day Mindfully Aware Recording

Learn to Live Every Day Mindfully Aware:  In this guided meditation, you will find out how to apply mindful principles in your daily life. You will leave this meditation with an understanding of what it means to have an expansive awareness and how to cultivate a mindset responding to life experiences not simply reacting. Length 39-minutes. BUY NOW

Let Go Toxic Mindsets

Let Go of Toxic Mindsets and Feel Energized:  In this guided meditation recording you will learn how to recognize toxic thought patterns, how to process them and release and replace them with what you want. Length 43:38 minutes. BUY NOW

Chakra Clearing Balance

Chakra Clearing Balance:  This guided exercise to clear each of the seven energy centers in the body to claim a sense of balance and lightness. Length 43-minutes. BUY NOW

emtional attachment meditation

Let Go of Emotional Attachment and Claim Peace:  In this guided meditation recording, we will explore what is meant by emotional attachment and meditate on how to release the need to attach and surrender to the flow. Length 48:16 minutes. BUY NOW

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