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Rewire and Radiate: One-On-One Coaching System That Gets You Physically Energized, Mentally Clear, & Emotionally Calm

rewire and radiate

Do you want to learn how to be the master of your thoughts and not a victim to them?

Do you struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, and thirst for knowledge to lead a more peaceful positive way of living?

Do you desire to connect to your true heart’s desires and discover what truly brings you joy; free from belief systems and programming?

Do you want to overcome the emotional, mental, and physical pain that your body has been holding in?

My coaching program Rewire & Radiate may be for you!

I will apply all I have learned through my personal journey of self-discovery awakening to share this wisdom and evolution with you. 

Journeying for over 20 years, I can give you the support you need to evolve and claim the life you desire.

Like all programs that modify behavior, time and commitment are involved for both parties.  Each mentoring program is specifically and individually crafted just for you.

This is not a cookie-cutter program like others out there on the market that are applied to everyone who participates.

Who is this for?

This is for the man or woman who is seriously committed to taking control of their mental, emotional and physical health and is ready for exponential transformation! 

Together we’ll map out a tailor-made strategy for you to Recognize, what emotional currents are running in the subconscious, learn to Release those sabotaging thoughts that don’t serve and Rewire the brain to support a healthy mental, emotional and ultimately your physical state of being!

: Without complicated processes that take a lot of time.

: Without having to sit still for hours in meditation.

: Without feeling overwhelmed.

Here’s what this will look like for you…

You will work closely with me and learn my “secret sauce” backed by scientifically proven tools and techniques that will meet you right where you are on the journey to be the best version of YOU.

Woohoo!!! This is your time!

So what makes up my secret sauce?

I use Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction as the foundation and then my own blend of all my studies from pioneers in the industry like Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn, Eckhart Tolle, Bruce Lipton, Dr. Wayne Dwyer, Joe Dispenza, David Hawkins, and Mary Morrissey.

In a nutshell, the understanding of energy in the mind, body, and spirit.

Like I mentioned before…this not a cookie-cutter approach, but the methods are timeless. We will customize the tools and techniques to fit your unique needs.

We work hand and hand to help you Recognize what is holding you back, Release old programming and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Next, we will Replace and Rewire the mind and body with emotions that fuel your thoughts so you can create the reality that is in alignment with who you want to be!

You will learn my easy, realistic and practical process for changing the mindset and cellular makeup of your body.

The Rewire and Radiate program will change your cellular imprint!

rewire and radiate

Emotions are lodged in the cells of the body creating mental, emotional and physical pain.

You will learn scientifically proven tools and techniques to assist in mastering your thoughts and the emotional current running under and influencing your thoughts.

Your thoughts influence perception and ultimately how and what you experience in life.

And YES you will be living your best life even amid daily challenges and life crises.

Unfortunately, pain is inevitable…but guess what…Suffering is totally optional!


These timeless tools will be having you so to yourself “Wow this is so easy! I can’t believe it took me this long to discover!”

So now you might be thinking “Why Nancy? What does she bring to the table?”

rewire and radiate

Here’s a little bit of information about how I came to develop this program.

Over 20 years ago I started a personal quest of self-discovery and development.

For the sake of time, I will spare you all the details (but I’m sure many of the details will come out if we choose to work together).

I read a ton of books, took all kinds of meditation, yoga, and energy work classes.

Trained with some of the most renowned teachers like Doreen Virtue, Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn, and Saki Santorelli.

As I began a new way of living for myself, my friends and family were drawn to learn my newfound passion and purpose.

I was so excited to help others discover this new way of mindfully living and coping with stress and challenges in life.

Hence the birth of my business Awaken with Light, Inc in 2006.

Since then I have taken all the years of training and application in my own life, as well as working with 100’s of men and women and developed my revolutionary system called Rewire and Radiate.

In the Rewire and Radiate program, you will learn how to rewire the brain to tune in to the vibration of the cells, speak their language and repattern the cells to be their optimum best!

It is through my revolutionary program you can and will achieve peak performance by tapping into your cellular memory.

So, what do I mean by cellular memory?

Here’s a mini science lesson:

Remember that you are a bunch of molecules, protons, electrons, and neutrons?

All these molecules vibrate!

When your vital life force energy is vibrating high you are at your optimum best.

When it is low you are either physically ill or mentally and emotionally out of balance.

This vibration is influenced by mental and emotional trauma throughout your life.

By the way, you don’t have to be a Vietnam Vet to experience trauma. The cells in your body hold all these experiences like a computer holds data.

Hence, the cellular memory that I am referring to.

Here is what some of my clients have said after completing my Rewire and Radiate program…

“Nancy makes self-exploration feel like an adventure. I am forever changed.”

“Nancy taught me to see my truth, to be the witness to my thoughts, moods, feelings, and actions. I saw how I created my own suffering.”

“My perspective is so different after completing this program, my world is brighter, my inner self is someone I adore now and understand. I am no longer empty inside.”

“The process was so simple and available to everyone! I went from victim to victor.”

“I wish everyone could experience this program, so that you can live your best life, from a pure understanding of self.”

So what does this look like over the next 6 months?

We will begin meeting weekly for the first three weeks (each session is 60 to 90 minutes in length). We will lay the foundation of full conscious awareness by which the program is built upon.

Then each month thereafter we will meet twice in the month.

After each session, you will receive a recording made specifically for you.

The content will support what we covered during the session as well as a guided mindful-based exercise to support the new cellular imprint being established… these recordings are typically about 15 min in length.

In between sessions you will be building your “mindful muscles” by practicing what we covered in our sessions.

As well as your Aha Moments as you explore and discover more about yourself from a different way of being and doing. Remember you are creating a new mindset and energetic imprint!

You will receive priority access to me via text and email for any questions that come up. I also like you to share how you are progressing throughout the week /weeks we are apart.

Also, you will have access to my meditation library if you feel you desire additional support throughout the process. Whether it is recognizing, releasing, or rewiring. 

Now you may be thinking, “Wow – this sounds like a huge time commitment; I don’t know if I can swing that?!” 

Well, let me explain the method to the madness we are trying to rewire the brain, change the cellular makeup of your body… Consistency is key.

It has been statistically proven it takes 180 days to repattern the gray matter of the brain.

What is the investment?

I’ll share this on our call if I feel it is a good fit for the two of us.

But honestly, can you really put a price tag on your mental, emotional and physical health? The skills you will learn will carry you a lifetime.

This program will be a game-changer for you. Read what Cynthia had to say upon completion of the program:

Nancy’s Rewire & Radiate program cleared my pain and suffering completely! I no longer teeter on the edge of giving up, AND, I now have a renewed sense of joy and love for life! Thank you, Nancy, for being there when I needed you. You were just the right person with all of the right tools and methods to pull me back into living a joyful life! Blessings, Love, and Deep Gratitude.

It’s time to Rewire your brain and Repattern cells of your body so you can be RADIATING from the inside out!

Let’s Transform your cellular memory so you can achieve a cellular level of peak performance!

Financing available. Ask me for details when we speak.

Ready to make a commitment to yourself and get on the path of stillness and inner peace?

Click the button below to schedule your FREE 30-minute complimentary breakthrough call.

“I began to see how I created my own suffering and learned how to change from victim to victor. Nancy makes this feel like an adventure. I am forever changed!” – Jen

“Nancy’s program was life changing. This was a huge transformation for me. I gained control over my anxiety, and best of all I am the happiest I have ever been.” -Lynda

“With Nancy’s help, I have successfully moved the needle for the better. Thank you, Nancy! I highly recommend your 90-day program for anyone looking for personal growth and change.” -Carolyn P

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