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Running Out Of Patience?

Running out of Patience?

This week, we’ve focused heavily on patience
and finding more of it to better your life on
all levels.

Patience sometimes equates to complacency
in people’s minds, and taking time to slow
things down may mean you’re coming in
second in your mind. 

The fact is, patience doesn’t mean that you’re
weak. It’s just the opposite actually—it takes
work and strength to be patience, so as you
practice the mindfulness for patience in the
email that was sent out Wednesday, you
are slowly becoming a stronger, better,
happier version of yourself.

When you accept what is HERE in the present
moment, get right with the fact that everything
changes, and don’t get stuck on believing that
you are separate from the rest of the world, you
will get closer toward patience and a better

While you’re practicing the tips from Wednesday’s
email to strengthen your patience, you’ll start
to realize that the more patient you are, the more
relaxed you are, and when you’re more relaxed,
you actually get MORE done. Seems counterintuitive,
but it works.

Getting there on your own can be tough, but it’s worth
it. I can help get you ahead of the patience game and
moving toward a happier–and even more productive—
life if you take your happiness into your own hands
and let me help.
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