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Help your employees and your company’s bottom line by booking a customized meditation program or motivational presentation with Nancy Gentle Boudrie.

Nancy Gentle BoudireStress costs American businesses $300 billion a year, according to the American Psychological Association.  Relaxed and focused employees are more productive, make fewer mistakes and handle challenges more competently that their frazzled colleagues.  A daily meditation practice can help an individual improve his or her attention, focus and overall health.

Nancy Boudrie can design a custom meditation presentation to help your employees reduce stress and rise above daily challenges through relaxation techniques and breathing exercises.

Meditation is an ancient practice with modern benefits.  Nancy tailors each corporate meditation presentation to the needs of the organization.

During a presentation with Nancy, attendees will:

  1. Learn how meditation fits in with 21st century, corporate life
  2. Understand how meditation breathing and visualization techniques help individuals relax and increase concentration
  3. Practice the breathing and relaxation techniques of meditation
  4. Experience a mini meditation

An employee meditation program can:

  1. Improve decision making by increasing an individual’s ability to process information
  2. Reduce workplace conflicts by increasing an individual’s sense of empathy
  3. Provide health benefits for employees such as reduced blood pressure and relief from insomnia, muscle aches and headaches

(Source:  National Institute of Health and U.S. News and World Report)

As a former insurance company president, Nancy understands the pressures that today’s employees – and employers – face. She brings her knowledge and expertise in meditation to audiences in easy-to-understand terms.

Attendees will depart on an uplifting note armed with instructions on starting their own meditation practice and incorporating mindfulness into their work.

Motivational Speaking

Let Nancy inspire and motivate your audience by using reflective thought, education as well as tools and techniques with a little bit of storytelling humor and keeping it real presentation. Nancy motivates her audience to discover self, step into their greatness to live an authentic life of inner peace balance and bliss.

Nancy teaches her audience that the true power lies within – by being still they discover their own inner light and realize they are the master of their thoughts, emotions and state of being.

Let Nancy inspire and motivate your next outing!

Click the button below to contact Nancy so you can create a plan to meet your organization’s needs.






Its been my pleasure to know Nancy both on a personal and professional level for several years. Over the past two years, we’ve invited Nancy Boudrie to be a part of our annual Health & Wellness Fair. Her meditation program has consistently received high interest and praise from our employees. Our employees have really welcomed Nancy’s positive approach and professional demeanor. I would highly recommend Nancy for any company’s corporate wellness initiatives.” -Diane Pyle, SPHR, Human Resources TransAmerica Life Insurance Company

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