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IMG_0569-resized-touched upLet Nancy Gentle Boudrie bring you her dynamic, energetic and candid “no nonsense” personality to your next event or corporate function.  With real life experience,  her 9+ years of speaking and teaching  as well as her certifications and credentials that have set her apart as an leading expert in her field, Nancy can bring a presentation packed with tools, techniques and information that will leave her audience feeling fulfilled.

Nancy can design a custom presentation to help your employees reduce stress and rise above daily challenges through relaxation techniques and breathing exercises.  Nancy can customize a presentation to fit your corporation, organization, or institution.  Here are a few presentations she has done:

Understand Your Inner Power

This presentation focuses on understanding the characteristics of ourselves that drives overuse or underuse of our will power. Each participant will privately reflect who they think they are, and how they show up in the world.  The goal of the workshop is to understand that a healthy balance of power leads to a healthy and harmonious workplace. Knowing when to assert oneself or make a stand and when to go with the flow, relinquish control and how to allow. Nancy will offer tools and techniques to assist in understanding this process and how to bring about balance .

Learn How to Communicate Effectively

This presentation teaches effective communication using mindful techniques such as those listed below:

  • Self-awareness:  Understand how we are perceived and how we perceive ourselves, are they in alignment?
  • Detachment:  Release the emotionally charged reactions that come from being too attached to a desired outcome and learn to respond effectively.
  • Higher perspective:  View conflicts from a different point of view that produces win-win results for everyone.

Nancy will personally discuss your goal for the meeting or outing and develop a customized presentation to address your specific needs. Whether speaking how to release fear and stress as the company is going through a reorganization process or maybe a teambuilding retreat that you would like to teach how to create a positive, healthy and happy work environment.  Nancy will work with you to provide the best presentation for your employees!

Call 484-876-1048 or email to set up your appointment with Nancy to get started!

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