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Positive Thinking Workshop

Join me for this Meditation Based Workshop designed for those who genuinely would like to attract more of what they want and less of what they do not want. Transforming your thought patterns to a positive way of thinking can transform your life. Participants will meet one hour weekly over four consecutive weeks. You may attend the workshop at the studio or via conference call if you have a quiet place with little interruptions.  Make ups are available if you miss a class.

Each workshop will consist of two parts:

  • Part I:  Review and discuss a particular section of the Law of Attraction by Michael Losier and apply other concepts from applicable sources and reference materials.
  • Part II:  An approach for implementing these concepts, incorporating meditation and resources.*

Cost: $140.00 includes the Law of Attraction book by Michael Losier.

Call 484-876-1048 or email with dates and times you would be available!

*Resources:  Michael Losier’s Law of Attraction, Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, and the Law of Attraction Workbook by Ted Brassfield.

Two day workshop on the Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking

This class is a condensed version of my four week class. Prior to attending the class you will be required to read the book The Law of Attraction by Michael Losier.

The first session is an hour and half in length designed to cover the following:

  • Concepts and premises of drawing what you want to you.
  • We will briefly review the exercises and steps explained in the book.
  • I will discuss some underlying challenges to manifestation and how to overcome them also some areas I think are the most difficult in the Art of Allowing your desires to manifest.
  • We will close with a powerful guided meditation designed to assist you in releasing and embracing your own evolution process.

The second session, 1 hour in length and will cover the following:

  • Follow up on how the process of implementation is going.
  • Discuss in detail some hurdles and obstacles you might be encountering at this juncture of the process.
  • Close with a powerful guided meditation on the art of allowing.

Law of Attraction/Positive Thinking Refresher Course

This hour long session begins with a guided meditation to place us in the space of expansive awareness and tune us into our mindset.

We will further explore our emotional set points that influence our thoughts and actions. We will discuss how we can change our emotions to continue a positive flow so we manifest what we ultimately desire.

Vision Board Workshop

This is a three hour workshop that begins with a guided meditation to put you in a creative and receptive mindset. You will produce a visual tool or poster board (all materials included) and the workshop will wrap up with an interpretation of what you created. You will leave with a clear understanding of the desires you wish to manifest.

How to use Oracle Cards

Interested in learning how to use Oracle Cards in your Spiritual Practice? Join me for this workshop to show how to use these cards not only in your meditation time but in your daily life. Cost is $30.00 which includes a deck of Healing with the Angel Cards by Doreen Virtue.

Manifestation Bowl

This is a two day workshop where you will create a Manifestation Bowl with Donna Pelzar of The New Street Knitter and you don’t have to know how to knit! $90/pp includes the 2 day workshop and supplies for one bowl, or $100/pp includes the 2 day workshop and supplies for 2 bowls. Click here to read more information about this workshop.

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