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Let Go of Stress

Striving for Inner Peace in the midst of drama, chaos, or any experience that is less than desirable is difficult for the most mindful person. In many situations, we can fend off the pressure of being drawn into the experience;…

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Does Life Have a Vise-Grip on You?

Often we grip on tightly to life, our life experiences or situations, for fear if we don't somehow control or worry about whatever is occurring it will not turn out the way we have planned. In the end, it will…

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Practice Patience to Enjoy the Flow of Life

As I explore each of the seven mindful principles and what they mean in my life and the life of my clients, patience always is a significant factor in self-discovery, development, and evolution. The best analogy of patience I learned…

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Live with a Fresh View

Often when dealing with challenging neighbors, work associates, or life experiences, we bring old programming into the situation. In other words, we have a preconceived notion of the outcome or how someone will respond to us. In so doing, we…

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