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Befriend Life Experiences for Mindful Acceptance

Today’s Gentle Reminder…if we want to learn to livewith peace in our hearts andour outside life reflecting thatpeace, we have to befriend thecircumstances and events thatmake up our life experiences.  This means the pleasant,unpleasant, and neutral. Befriendingis the beginning of…

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How to Accept Whatever is in the Present Moment

Greeting the present moment with acceptance can be tough. Making an effort to do this, however, helps you minimize the suffering. What I mean is that life is filled with challenges, but resistance to those challenges is optional. That resistance…

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Change is Good

Do you find yourself stuck in a pattern that is not beneficial or in alignment with what you want? Be mindfully aware of when you are having these feelings, and choose to let go of the emotional state that does…

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You Are Enough

A gentle reminder, you are enough, just as you are. Lovingly accepting the person you are, your feelings, thoughts, and values, the total package is the best gift for overall health you can give to yourself. If you struggle with…

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Does Life Have a Vise-Grip on You?

Often we grip on tightly to life, our life experiences or situations, for fear if we don't somehow control or worry about whatever is occurring it will not turn out the way we have planned. In the end, it will…

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Learn to Love and Accept Yourself

A foundation of mindful living requires having a positive feeling about Self. Living without self-judgment or constantly belittling yourself, you create a mindset by which to see yourself in a positive light. While this positive mindset about Self may not…

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