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Are you Overthinking Again?

Have you noticed yourself constantly living “inside your head,” or do you ever notice yourself replaying an experience over and over in your head? Rumination creates negativity and a toxic mindset which can lead to anxiety and depression. Often, we do…

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Turn Overwhelm into Peace

You wake up, and the thoughts immediately start: What if today is the day when my job is eliminated? You start recalling all the rumors of your company being bought out by a big competitor. How is that going to…

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Anxiety Could be Causing Weight Gain

You’ve walked into the kitchen probably 10 times in the past hour looking for food, just grazing. Each time, you’ve grabbed a snack--a bag of chips, cookies, maybe you tried to mix it up and have some healthy fruit--and before…

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Do You Feel a Constant Sense of Urgency?

Lately, my clients have expressed that they are experiencing an inner sense of urgency.  This sense of anxiousness has left some with a feeling of “hurry up and wait.” We need not feel swept up into this emotional mindset.  Be…

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Feeling Refreshed and Re-Energized

  If I have had a particularly draining day, I have a ritual to assist me in cutting the chords of stress and releasing all the tension of the day.  I begin by taking a symbolic shower.  I allow the…

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Change is Good

Change is good and necessary.  I know this intellectually and conceptually but how do I respond to it? I close my eyes and get lost in the rhythm of my breath.  I tell myself to look at whatever the situation…

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