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Is your inner critic relentless?

Today’s Mindful Moment is to be aware of those moments you are highly judgmental of yourself.   Guilt and shame are feelings, along with other harsh, judgmental emotions that keep us from achieving kindness toward ourselves.  It is as though…

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Stop the Paralyzing Mindset and Choose Positivity

Recently, we have all heard the national and international tragedy in the news. The collective consciousness of the human race is emanating a vibration of lower emotions such as fear, anger, and despair. None of us want to experience this…

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Feeling Refreshed and Re-Energized

  If I have had a particularly draining day, I have a ritual to assist me in cutting the chords of stress and releasing all the tension of the day.  I begin by taking a symbolic shower.  I allow the…

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Change is Good

Change is good and necessary.  I know this intellectually and conceptually but how do I respond to it? I close my eyes and get lost in the rhythm of my breath.  I tell myself to look at whatever the situation…

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