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Are you meeting all of your obligations?

What about the obligation to your Self? Too often we find ourselves in a routine where we are running trying to fulfill all of our obligations to work, to our families and our friends. This constant stress level and emotional…

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Live Authentically

As you choose to explore self, you inevitably come upon the aspect of personal power. Personal power is not something to be exploited, demonstrative or dictatorial.  Rather a quiet sense of self that sets healthy boundaries, speaks truths and integrity…

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How to be your authentic Self

Sometimes the hardest task we may have is to stand in our truth being who we really are not what others want us to be. The question is, are you aware of your authentic self? Often we are conditioned to…

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Simplify Your Life

Most of the time we are the ones who complicate our lives.  For many reasons, we try to do too many things and be too much often causing unhealthy or negative results.  For instance, we do things to appear a…

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Honesty Holds a Master Key

Honesty holds a master key in every aspect of our life. If we greet life being honest, first with ourselves, we are better able to show up honestly in our relationships or our interactions with others. The key is knowing…

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Journey Within

  What are my real needs, wants and desires?  What do I need, right now, for me?  Explore these questions off the top of your head and then consider them while spending time quietly centered; notice if the answers differ.…

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