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Are you living your truth?

To know and accept oneself takes courage. To embrace and allow the world to see who you truly are is very courageous. So, how do you know if you are living your truth? It is those moments when your actions…

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Stay in Alignment

Ever feel clouded by the opinions or beliefs of others that you admire, respect and perhaps love? This confusion can lead to a sensation of feeling exhausted or drained resulting in a feeling of being out of alignment with your…

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Honesty Holds a Master Key

Honesty holds a master key in every aspect of our life. If we greet life being honest, first with ourselves, we are better able to show up honestly in our relationships or our interactions with others. The key is knowing…

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Celebrating Gratitude

This week I have been resting in a space of immense grace and gratitude. Celebrating all that I am thankful for allows my heart to be open to receive and experience unconditional love. I honor God and the Universe by…

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